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July 29, 2006


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that layout is great, the drop shadows are sensational - did you do anything special?


Oh, my gosh! I love this layout! so simple and so fun!!!!

LeeAnn J.

This is so colorful (what a cute picture) and I read Susan's scrap blog and can't wait to try this one myself. I have so many ideas and not enough pictures, lol.

Jen Harr

OH--happy "un"-packing! LOL! We'll be there before you know it!
What a happy page-- that "M" is too cute!
Thanks for the stamping tips earlier-- huge world of difference for my & end to my mystery I've been trying to solve


Hey this is a fabulous take on the lift!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love, I'm a huge fan of your layouts, and yes, a stalker of your blog, you are just too fun. -Jacque (AKA Crazygirl) hehehe

Amy Wathen

Miss Jenn, I have been eyeing those papers for my boys' summer photos and this is SO awesomee. And what a sweet photo. Love it.

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