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August 18, 2006


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Jen Harr

Ummmm, I'm almost in tears as all of what you wrote really hit home with me! I understand the changes that occur within us and the desire to take care of ourselves and our families first--but can be so hard due to influences of peoples' needs outside of our family. Wow! As I am planning a move, I'm trying to focus on what is important and even if it doesn't fit for others, It fits for us and I need to feel good about that. I could go on! It's so nice that you have encouraging people in your life to learn these life issues from. HUGS!

Jessica Hood

omg, that first SATC quote is my tagline on 2peas!


I swear the whole time I was reading this i was nodding my head. "Yes.....oh, yep....uh huh.....EXACTLY!" True friends, the ones that just *get* you, are hard to find. But when you do it's a fantastic thing! I love my dear friends, the ones who don't question why I make my "selfish" decisions and support me because they know I am doing things for what I believe are the right reasons. (Numero uno being my hubby and my babies.) And I love that they are always there cheering me on and helping me be the best me I can be. Thank you for reminding me to cherish them even more.

Love reading you blog Jenn! You are truly inspirational and a dear friend to many. Hope you are having the BEST weekend!


What a heartfelt post! Love the quotes, too.
...beautiful stuff, Jenn!


okay I have to confess I didn't totally follow the post but I got the general idea and I just wanted to say that putting your kids and hubby above other things is soooooooo not selfish at all!!! I think it is awesome! --Hollie

Becky (Daisyduster)

You know...I love reading your blog everyday, for the beautiful things, and also the sweetness that just comes out of you. And, have in a way looked at you as a model to strive for. But, I've always kind of thought your life sounded...perfect, and a little unattainable. (You have never come across that way though.) So, sometimes that in itself, was a little depressing to me.
But Girl! This blog entry today was so real, and so personal and right out there in the open with the most difficult stuff we as moms & wives face on a daily basis...I just wanted to reach right thru the screen and give you a hug!
ANY decisions made that sacrafice to put our families first, can never be thought as selfish.
And we can rest wherever we are in knowing that God knows the desires of our hearts...and He has perfect timing for everything.
I don't even know you...and I'm so proud of you.
Thank you so much for sharing.


I check your shabby blog regularly.. bc I love to look at your shabby pictures... and today... I loved reading your wise wise words. Good job they say in the south... you go girl ! You will never be sorry you put your babies and dh first... and those who really love you... well they will get over themselves and love you even MORE !!


Thank you so much for being so heartfelt today - you see, I so relate to all of what you said. I have 3 friends I really love and they are all out of town - as in 2 days worth of driving! My family is too. And for the longest time, I resented being a military wife - always having to stay home with the kids, not being able to see my friends and family - but, I have, in the last 2 years, grown up! I see things differently now, and realize I am not resentful or angry anymore because here (with my husband and children) is where I belong. Here (not working full time, staying home to take care of my family's needs) is where I do best. The time for other things comes so naturally when all those needs are met first. It's strange - it never worked that way before. I always complained I had "no time for me", always fighting for it! Now? It is always there. Is it acceptance, finally? Or an inner peace? Who knows? But, I am grateful I have found this 'place' for me. I respect your decision - you will find it may be the best thing you've ever done. It was for me, anyway. I am the happiest I have been in a long time!
Have a wonderful day!


Jenn.. i love your style.. I love your posts.. your humour.. it shines through... but I really really like you! I like how your kindness is in every post.. how your family is there.. at the front and centre of your efforts. That the love you have for them is there.. for all to see. As I approach 30 I am seriously coming into some clarity about life.. about motherhood.. I haven't ever been one to be friends with people for the sake of it.. but i have found some friends are becoming a little one sided.. that they require more than they ever offer back - that the back and forth of a good friendship is missing. Whilst I still value the people, I am putting less into the friendship. I am finding that being a better person, a happier one .. with passions and dreams and hopes and time.. makes me a better wife and mother. Thanks for sharing the journey with us. :)


Dear dear Jenna, oh my...I picked a great day to up and read your blog! Honey, you are definately moving forward. That's so great. And can I tell you...that your "real-ness" and your decision to not play it safe in this blog, definately has and will continue to resonated with your readers. I am impressed by your move to lighten the load and burdens and to embark on something so precious as a NEW, fresh way of living life. You rock my sista! You rock. My Cosmo is lifted high this morning in honor of my friend...who is choosing to be the real deal! Love you babycakes...just love you!


I love the quotes!! What font did you use for the first one?

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