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August 02, 2006


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Well anyone reading this knows just how much we all love Jenn.. and what a great person she is :) Each flower is named after one of my favorite scrappers/designers... So many gorgeous women in the digi scrapping community..and we truly get to see THEM.. not the outter self...but the inner self.. and that is where the true beauty lies. Love you Miss Jenn


hahaha.... those flowers ..are BIG.... it scared me..LOL..I wondered how I flicked screens to the flowers..and then realised... LOL@ME... you are funny.. pleased you are enjoying them.

Becky (Daisyduster)

Just...beautiful. The flowers, AND the gift of special friends.
Love that!

Jen Harr

She's so right! You have touched us all in such an inspiring, special way! Perfect flower for beautiful you!


Shabby Miss jenn, I have missed your blog. It was just too graphic intense for my old dial up, so first thing after upgrading I got to check out your blog & yummy goodies on ebay. *sign* You have been missed.

I'm slowly getting DH to sway to the shabby side, starting with inexpensive white furniture that I can add accents to.

Ok, back to you. LOL. Love the new flowers, especially since they're named after such sweet ladies. Wonderful!


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