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August 10, 2006


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Ooh, a new Mac! Lucky girl! There's nothing like 'em. Enjoy!


it just isnt fair POUT KICK SCREAM.. why is it that you not only rock at the shabby crowded pack it all in there - no white space anywhere look.. and can also create these funky cooooool white with colour kind too.... it just isn't fair I tell you! hehe.... What a fun summer.. and that lil pack of flowers are on their way! Love SMJ!

Jen Harr

You have got to be one of the sweetest people I know! OK--As soon as we move (I know, still seems so far away), we're getting a MAC! I've convinced my hubby, which wasn't hard seeing as how we've had so many issues with are pretty new PC. Uggh! We also signed Reece up for soccer for the first time. It will be his first group sport to try. Fun. Those photos are delish & I so love horses--makes me miss my dad's house in TX.
Have a happy Sunday tomorrow!!

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