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August 14, 2006


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Congrats on the big 10!
(We just celebrated our 16th)


He made you the card? OH WOW.....

My husband is currently extremely popular for agreeing that I could have a Canon 30D but woahhh yours made a card in PS! THAT MAN IS A KEEPER!
YAY for you guys... 10 years and still in love :)


What a SWEET husband!!!!!! You really are very lucky to have someone so thoughtful. Sounds like you guys are true "soul mates". Congratulations in advance on 10 wonderful years together. I hope you have such a special celebration together.

xoxo Michele

Jen Harr

Oh, what a sweet man! You two have accomplished something that is rare these days! Happy Day to you both on your Anniversary!
Gorgeous pages of little C! Is she sad about leaving her CA friends? Awe!


COngrats on the up and coming anniversary! The LO's look great as usual!

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