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September 01, 2006


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Awww that baby horse is precious! My boys have horses at school and they just LOOOVE it. Even like mucking the stalls! LOL And what a darling layout of your baby. Awesome photography Miss Jenn and love those brilliant blue eyes.


Oh I love the simplicity of this layout so much. It's one of those things that just makes you STOP and take notice of the beautiful simple things around us right now. LOVE it. Not to mention the beautiful site of a little boy sitting still LOL!!!! You don't see that everyday ; )

Great shots of the horses too. Those are the things kids remember growing up. Awesome.

xoxo Michele


oh my dd would just love to see a baby horse up close like that. she just loves horses.....and we don't even live on a farm LOL. super cute layout, jenn, those photos are stunning!!!

Nancy aka belgianangel

Oh I sooo love those beautiful photos on your gorgeous layout! And may I tell you I enjoy reading your blog very much? :) ooxxooxx Nancy

Angela fun to see a baby horse and take a photo. Gorgeous layout, adorable pic of your little cutie pie!!!


OH - these pictures are the best - the little pony is so so adorable, and even more adorable is the pic of your smoochiekins playing there so innocently! Love it!


Jenn - this is a shameless cry out for help - I know that I downloaded your fabulous kit and I cannot find it for the life of me. I have a folder created that is labeled Shabby Miss Jenn and then I click in it and there is not kit?!!! I was going to start a LO using the kit and now I cannot find it. Is it possible to get a link again or maybe just email me - if not then I can be fine with that too - it could just be my punishment - LOL!
Thanks for any trouble I may put you thru!

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