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September 22, 2006


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Michelle Adams

Can I have that entryway transfered into my house somewhere, please? Never mind the fact that we have a ranch! LOL! Love those plates too!
How are ya???
Have a great day, you Shabby Miss! :)


I'm with ya! I always love adding in some rich color come fall! I love those photos! Thanks agian for the yummy eye candy!

Becky (Daisyduster)

Ohhh Definitely! I have always thought that beautiful dark wood furniture looks GORGEOUS with Shabby Chic...hand in Silk Fabrics and Paint Chipped Wood!
Do you feel like walking into your home/shabby barn now is like a breath of fresh air..and so much more stress free?
Good goin' girlie!


OMG! I NEEEEED those dishes and sconces. Where, where, WHERE did you find them? LOL I just must find out if they fit into our budget. (Darn I hate the word. LOL)


Grins.. next time you are cleaning up.. email me.. I will give a grateful postal address ;)

Love these colours. It might be cheaper to bring in seasonal colours in textiles?


OMG - that vanity piece is AMAZING!!! I love fall! The browns and creams and oranges - all in shades of "burnt"! LOL!

Nancy aka belgianangel

No doubt about it! Dark wooden colors and shabby chic happen to be my favorite combination of all times! Oh, I so enjoy browsing your blog! :)
Hugs, Nancy.


OOOO...What beautiful finds!! I LOVE Fall, it's my favorite season of the year - doesn't it just make you feel so warm and cozy to be surrounded by the rich earth tones? You can definitely mix that feel in with shabby chic, since shabby chic is all about comfy and cozy too! Hey - did you ever get that leather sofa? That will fit right in with these!


Such eye candy! I can't even express how my heart skips a beat when I see pics like that!


oh totally loving the dark stuff - i think it looks SUPER....


I am commenting before I even read this entry....these photos have drooling!!!!!!! Love the shab!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, how devine! I love the mixture of chocolate wood and leather mixed with total shabby chic. The mixture is 2 die 4! Have you been up with "The Junk Gypsy's" go to and omgosh these girls are amazing and my new insiration. They mix southern fried cowgirl charm with shabby roses and jewels. I love this new shabby gypsy style and these dark wood pieces would so work! Let me know what you think...

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