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September 07, 2006


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OH - those felt bags look so cool!!! What a great pic of DS - he looks to into his bike riding! LOL. Have a great weekend!


Awww! Your baby boy is TOO CUTE! Love the felt bags :).


What a great shot of your little boy!


Those bags are just too darn cute! That reminds me...I need to start planning the kiddo's trick-or-treat bags. (I make new ones for them every year. Soooo fun) And I MUST know how you got the polkas in your background. I can't figure it out for the life of me! HELP! Please! LOL


what a little cutie pie he is. loving those bags!


Oh that is a cute bag!! And your little one is so cute on that bike!


Sooo cute!!! I was wondering, if you could email me, Jenn- I have a quick question for you! :o)


Ohhhh, I love your blog and all the beautiful designs and layouts and shabbiness! I have already posted your blog on mine and I would like to show the picture of your delightful white tree from last year. Can you let me know if this is okay? Thanks and many blessings! --Ashley

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