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September 12, 2006


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How funny! I blogged about the same Halloween costume for my DD! :) I love it!

Becky (Daisyduster)

What an ADORABLE bee costume!!!
Wouldn't you lil 3 year old GIRL wants to be Mr. Incredible!

Inspiration everywhere...sometimes I just go crazy with ideas...especially when I go to work. (I'm a Hallmark Merchandiser!)
Colors and Fabric and Papers...OH MY!

Gina H.

Oh, so excited for Halloween, love the costumes you guys chose. It was never my holiday before I had kids, but now it is huge at our house. Somehow the last few years we have ended up having an annual party in my driveway. I didin't realize it was annual until my family informed me they were coming this! Anyways, wanted to give you few links to some pages I posted yesterday with your gorgeous kit! Thanks again, I really love it!!!

Gina H.


so glad to hear from you and look at all that yummy inspiration!!!
love the costumes too :)


Hey you! We're in OR now, but just bought our home in WA & will be heading back to NC on Sun! Yaay!
Those are the sweetest costumes! Your kiddos will be adorable in them!!

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