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October 31, 2006


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Becky (Daisyduster)

YES! I totally make Lily dress up if I'm not happy with the photos taken on Halloween...LOL!!!
I'm beat too! It used to be...trick or treating...then Harvest Parties..then school parades thru town...then your own parties...sheesh! (But so much fun!)
I'm gonna sleep good tonight!
Your DD bee hair-pretty turned out cute!

Kim adorably cute, cute, cute! Love the sweet photos. Poor baby M. :( Those clown hats can really be a pain sometimes. LOL Happy November, my sweet friend!


wow you gusy had a busy halloween! the kids look adorable!


Oooooo My Goooodness!!!!
You have the CUTEST kids of all time! I wish they came to my door last night! Half the kids who came last night didn't even wear costumes, what's with that?


LOVIN' the costumes!!!!


Look at those kiddos - too cute! Hope you recuperated from the busy night!


OMG, could your kids look any cuter. They all just look adorable in their costumes and I love the facial expressions. It sounds like you had a whirlwind Halloween!


Wow, look at that grass, LOL okay, the cuties (kids) too ;) Looks like you had a good time at the patch and the kids are too cute in their costumes! TFS


gorgeous... love it....:) have i seen that clown suit before..LOL


OMG, seriously too adorable!!!! LOL!

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