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October 24, 2006


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OK.. so I cant argue the pros of the Nikon..cause I havent used it. I have the 30D.. and I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER.. .it rocks...totally...

factor in three lens... go the 18 - 55mm .. and the 75 - 300 and the... BEST one.. the 50mm 1.8 - if you can afford it tho I hear the 1.4 is the one to go for.. :)

I pretty much stick to the 50mm 1.8... it seems popular.. GOOD LUCK!


Here's another vote for the Canon! Go Canon! Go Canon!

Becky (Daisyduster)

Ha! How we (scrapbooking moms) have an obvious reputation, or what? LOL
I've been wondering about that Pumpkin Spice...Mmmmm, sounds like I'll have to give it a try!
I finally was able to sign up for your newsletter! I'm so retarded...the reason I wasn't able to figure it out was that my screen wasn't maximized...which then shows the "sign up and join" comment....LOL

Jen Harr

I don't know about the hair thingies---we're still working on growing little Macy's hair for bows! LOL! Oh my goodness---love pumpkin spice flavors during this time of year! YUM! And--my guilty pleasure is watching the bachelor---I like Sadie & Jennifer but for some reason think he's very attracted to the Italian girl??? Hmmmmm.
Hugs, my friend!

Jen Harr

Oops, forgot to menion that your BABES are pumpkin-licious in that little patch! AND! I'm serious about this.....I think Canon is the way to go...shhhhh---hope I'm not offending anyone. The people that are pros that I know say that they wised they would have gotten Canon---easier, more adaptable with lens options. That's all I know. I have a Rebel & love it.
OK....looks like I need to find me a real live human to talk to! Ramble ramble! So sorry!


Okay, LUrker/stalker here. But I had to come out today... I got the 30D for MOther's day and I absolutely LOVE IT! I'm just barely taking it out of program mode and venturing into manual, but the pics it takes are absolutely breathtaking and we had a pretty good camera before. A sony F-707. Loved that one, but it pails in comparison to this. If you want to see a few pictures you can look here I dont' post all my pictures here, but there are quite a few. Then in my gallery there are those pictures in my layouts.
And I've done a couple family photo shoots, I think they are still up. (The Mellen ones may be a little washed out because I used some of Holly's actions before I really knew how to use them right, and they are a little light. But I've got it down pack now! LOL!

Okay, so I didnt' mean to bombard you, but I'm so sold on this camera and if your tettering, maybe this can help you decide. And I'm not that good at taking pictures. hehehe, I just take a bizillion..........HAHAHAA! I love your blog and your pages by the way, I'm a huge fan of yours! -Jacque (aka crazygirl)




Beautiful! Pumpkin patches make such fantastic photos! I love the color.

Joy T.

Glad I came upon your blog. Great pumpkin patch kid pics! I have to chime in on the camera thing and say I just bought a Canon EOS 30D and it is by far the best camera I've ever owned...and I've owned a few. You can go manual, but the auto features on it are amazing. You won't be disappointed in it that's for sure. Great blog!

Audrey Litfin

I can totally relate. It took me FOREVER to decide on my 20D before I bought it. I must've asked like 300 people what they used. I'm sure you won't go wrong with either though!

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