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November 13, 2006


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Baby Tease

I think that's a great idea to have the kids pick out the toys. They looked so pleased to do it too. I have a 14 yr old and I'm going to have him help me do it. Thanks for reminding me about something else I like to do at Christmas. Kim.


What a WONDERFUL way to center Christmas on GRACE and GIVING! Love that :). Last year we adopted two families for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We brought both familes Thanksgiving dinner and went back at Christmas and brought the same families gifts. It was a WONDERFUL experience!!! Still got to come up with something creative for this year...hmmmmmmmmm. Addelyne doesn't get it yet, but from the moment she does, I want her to know what the Holidays are truly about. Thanks for this inspiring post. Em


THANK YOU for mentioning this. This is what we are going to do! And I almost missed the deadline! What a great idea and the boys just love it!


Love Operation Christmas Child!!! Great pics of the kiddos with their boxes!


My daughter did this at her school too. She kept reminding me we had to get it done by Wednesday. Anyway, we did it on Sunday. I think we packed up a nice little package. When I went to attach the label, I read in the flyer that we had to include $7.00 to pay for the shipping. The grinch in me got a little grumpy but my 8 year old offered to pay it. Of course I didn't let her pay it, but was extremely touched she offered to pay for it. She was so proud carrying that gift into school on Monday.


Gosh we must get at this and do one too! Such a wonderful thing to do - I think it is even better if the kids get to do it themselves!!

Becky (Daisyduster)

I totally can't wait each year to make these special little gift boxes! (I get all emotional whenever I see the promo video...LOL) A couple years ago a lady at our church, who's an Artist, individually painted 80 plastic shoeboxes so the box itself was wonderful present too...I would love to be able to do something like that someday! This year my daughter made a little friend down at the riverfront park we go to...and we've found out that she and her family are living in a travel trailer there at the campsites. So Lily (3) wants to adopt her as her special shoebox girl this year. ...Trying to figure out exactly how to do it, tactfully. But I think it will be great taking this idea locally.

Michelle Underwood

God bless you for teaching your children how to have compassion and to give to those who have less. My heart was so proud of those little kids when I was reading this post...;) I want you to give them big hugs from me.


We just did this today as well...very fun! Thanks for sharing...still LOOOOOOOOVE your pictures! Blessings!

Jen Harr

Such an important thing for all kids to do! Thanks for sharing!!


Our tiny church just filled 65 of them and next year hope to do more. It is something to think of year round!


Oh this is such a wonderful thing to participate in. The kids we minister to over here were recipients of these boxes a few years ago. Let me tell you-it's amazing!! Kids that have practically nothing and they are just thrilled that people cared enough to send presents to them. If you want you can check out a layout I did about it.

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