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November 17, 2006


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Wow, have fun with that beauty !:)


Oh, you are going to LOVE's going to become your third!!! ENJOY capturing God's wide world with it :). BTW - your studio look fznabulous!!! gotta love that screen saver and all the delicious shabbyness...can you come decorate my house :).

Becky (Daisyduster)

YEAH!!! So happy for you...that's the one I'm looking at too...but will probably have to wait until next Christmas...(sniff sniff)
Don't you LOVE that desktop screen? I smile everytime I turn my computer on...


Oh CONGRATS! That would totally have been my choice too ... you are going to love that lil baby! :)


you know.. i was driving up to do my shopping this morning.. trying to work out how long ago it was you said it was coming next week..LOL... probably about the same time you did this post.. *weird*..
WOOOOHOOOOO it arrived.. Love it.. cherish it and it will love you back.. Promise!


oh you're gonna LOVE that camera!!!! Great choice. had mine since may, and not ONE regret!


OMG Congratulations on your new camera Jenn. You'll have to let me know how you like it. I was thinking of getting either the 20D or 30D this Christmas. I am axious to hear what you think!!!!! Have fun : )

xoxo Michele


congratualtions!! welcome to the canon family!!
your choice was a great one-you won't regret it one second!


Lucky Bug!!!! I am jealous! Love your desktop - wasn't that a cute freebie?!


oh wow that is so awesome!!!! i want one!! wah......

Jen Harr

Oh you stinker! I want, I want!!! LOL! Enjoy my friend--- you soooo deserve this awesome camera!!

Joy T.

Glad I'm sitting drinking my tea and blog surfing tonight because this is the kind of news I like to stumble upon! I've had my Canon 30D for 6 months now and I'm STILL finding new things on it. You're going to love it! Congrats


Love your set up - the desktop, the shabby desk..LOVE it all!! I have the same comp and plan to get the same camera...I hear only great things about it!!

Audrey Litfin

Big congrats on your new camera, hopin you are LOVIN it!!!

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