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December 27, 2006


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OMshabbyG!!! Miss Chayce has become a young lady in what seems to be overnight!! Simply gorgeous...and the boys don't look too "shabby" in their sweater vests...absolutely dashing!!!!


Becky (Daisyduster)

I Second!
What a great shot of sophisticated! And you can "feel" the movement in the picture "caught" in time. Love it!


OH - Braelynn got a glow doodle bear -doesn't sound quite as fun as that shabby bear though - but is tons of fun in the dark! Glad to hear your christmas was magical!


So glad you all had a lovely Christmas. Isn't the best seeing it thru their eyes. Makes it SO worth all the long nights and secret operations! LOL


Ahh Miss Jenn.... what did Santa bring you? I hope he rewarded your hard work as a Mommy, a design team member and friend and wife!

I hope it was a hot pink sports car.. or .. at least a camera accessory! LOL. Love Santa.. he had a tim tam, rudolph ate a carrot and he left magic dust from his sliegh around the place.

Merry Christmas.. and a very Happy New Year!


Oh my Goodness, Chayce looks all grown up in this picture. So, so sweet. I love her. Don't you just love being a mommy? Especially during the holidays. The kids are SO much fun.

Thanks for posting this cool bear, I just bought one for Elle and Leo. I know, I know, we just had Christmas but I have 2 suitcases full of goodies I am taking home to spread out the giving throughout the year. It's the best way when we live on such a tiny island with no Target LOL!!!!!

Happy holidays to you and your beautiful family Jenn. I can't wait to see what kind of scrap goodies you come out with in 2007.

Hugs and smoochies to you all.

xoxo Michele


How precious! So glad you all had a wonderful Christmas! I hope the kids' colds are coming to and end and are feeling much better!!
We're still in TX hopping around from family to family.
Hmmmm--- do I feel a special someone's birthday coming up very soon.....hmmmm.


Those pictures look like a Hallmark commercial...what kind of camera do you use? I especially like the one of grandfather (guessing?) and the boys, that is just precious! Thanks for sharing...


Beautiful pictures!! The one of the boys looks so good-like it's in should be in a magazine!!


Oh boy- that bear is my kids favorite! They stay up an extra hour each night playing with it in bed- I think it's going to be banned from bedtime soon!

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