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December 05, 2006


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Laughing.. having the same issue. I am finding a lil -
Ohhh you have such a beautiful store.. would you mind terribly if i snapped a couple of photos. it is just so beautiful! e.g. nice ask nice..LOL

if they look like they might crush you with a NO.. say.. I have a blog and I showcase stores that I love.. (still looking) funny.. either explain blog.. or explain increased sales..LOL

most people say OK right off. best to ask!


ps.. arent you just loving that camera :)
andrew just approved expenditure on the new 85mm 1.8.. and the store just ordered one in.. perfect timing..LOL


You are doing amazing work with your camera...I always ask if it is ok to photograph...whether with my phone or my camera, I've never been told I can't. I hope you enjoy your white Christmas...make a nice pot of spiced apple cider with a little SB cinnamon syrup, caramel or butterscotch sauce drizzled in and whip cream!!! You'll love's a favorite in our home during the winter months. Enjoy yourselves :D


I just make a few 'oh my god, isn't this the most beautiful thing, I must tell my friend about it' comments and then whip out my gigantic canon 20D and snap away. Not too loud, not too long taking pictures. I have never, in the 2 years I have owned it, gotten one comment to put away my camera. And if someone were to say something, I would apologize and say I had merely wanted to remember such a gorgeous thing.


i must not look at nice as the other ladies here that have commented because i have never been told yes!
for sure urban outfitters and starbucks have a policy against that sort of thing...i wish you success though!


Great pictures - look at the little santa babies!!! Your house must just look like heaven!!! Enjoy the snow - it makes for some fun pictures with sledding and what not!

Audrey Litfin

Too cute Jenn!! Great pictures!


beautiful christmasy pictures! thanks for sharing. I bring my camera, and sometimes don't bring it out to take photos because I'm to affraid. just fire away really, right?

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