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December 16, 2006


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Sounds like such an awesome day! I looove that! Yummy photos to make us gaga- even better! :o)

Becky (Daisyduster)

What a magical time of year...sooo my favorite!
Is that a lil Shabby Miss Jenn MUG???
How Cute!!!

I've been looking at those bags too...good to hear a first hand opinion of them before buying...they're so beautiful.


Oh my stars! Gotta hint hard to the hubby for that camera bag!! Who knew??
Such a cute Santa photo--priceless!! LOL!


Oh NO!! Poor baby M! But it DOES make for great pics and scrapping material. You'll have to show that one to his future wife. LOL


Awe - your little guy looks like my little girl looked - actualy both of my girls with santa!
WOW - that bag is absolutely to DIE for - wow wow wow! Lucky girl you!


NO way.....i am so jealous. I cannot wait to get mine.


lol that santa shot.... lol

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