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December 01, 2006


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LOL - it's easy to sound good when you're talking about something that ROCKS! you are soo good, we were thrilled to be able to publicly oogle over your work! we can't wait for more!!



you are getting quite good with that 30D, my dear! i don't think digi has become that huge on the east coast yet. ang, my sil, and I are the only ones I know who have shunned paper for! congrats to you on that huge's soooooooooooo fun to see you becoming famous ;).


Did your 50mm arrive then?? :-) Great photos! I am so glad that you are enjoying your 30D my friend.

Congrats on the radio thing too! You are MOST deserving!

Becky (Daisyduster)

Were you just jumping outta your skin???
"I'm on the radio! I'm on the radio!"
Sooo excited for you!
And what a great manual shot! just beautiful, dahhhling!


Gorgeous photography Jenn!!! You are really working that camera so beautifully! AND...I just heard about the Disctalkradio today! I'm alreay signing up...congrats and I look forward to listening! :D

Marie :D


Hey Miss Jenn!

Just checkin' in and saying hi! Happy holidays to you and yours!

Jen Harr

Who knew there was such a thing! I just registered & am off to login and listen! And WOWZERS--your photography is rockin' !!

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