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December 29, 2006


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Becky (Daisyduster)

You can get realllllly cool free catalogs from Sundance! I've forgotten all about them...I used to get them when i lived in Colorado...
Anyways! I can't believe I'm the first post...I think.
Lanne name is pronounced: L + Ann
or....Land minus the d...

Even though I know that, I still say it "Lonnie" in my head because I knew someone in Hawaii that was spelled the same but pronounced that way!


I love Sundance!

So sorry to hear about the bout w/ pinkeye. ugh. It's miserable/itchy the first few days.

Thanks for all of the mouth-watering inspiration you provide on your blog.

Happy New Year!


hmmmmmmmm how about laney or lanney?


Lol ... I can't play! Ok, so can I just say how much I love that green stamp 'Stuff' on your page? Just scrumptious!!! ;)


Oh man! No fun with the sick kidlets. Germies be gone!! Hope they all get feeling better soon, poor little things.
Love Sundance!! In fact, there is a Sundance outlet in SLC that we go to all the time. Guess you'll have to come for a visit. :D


I cant play either... but I am enjoying the game.
LOL.. ok Miss Jenn. you kinda got me! i was rather sad..reading about the sick kiddies..and was ohh and then i cracked up laughing. Andrew now thinks I have emotional issues :)

So.. Do i have to say who gets it right. It so isnt a problem. LOADS of people say it wrong.. It is a nick name.. kinda. and it has stuck. I am seriously thinking of changing my official name over cause it is just too hard to have two names..LOL

Clue: It isn't Lane (as in street, place, avenue).. and it is Laneeeeeeee.

And Jenn.. my gorgeous shabby friend. that settles it. I will just have to call you!


so if it's laneeeeeeeee then I think I have it. I know that name well lol laney..pronounced Lane as in street but add a long E vowel at the end...right? for Lane EEEEEEE?? is this right? lol 2 syllables not one...
oh help me?? hahaha

lea ann

hmm....I'll go with a few variations..

1. lay-knee
2. laaa-knee (first syllable rhymes with laugh)
3. I like what someone said about "el-anne"
4. lahh-knee
5. lahh-nuh

uh..just saw that lanne posted. so my #1 guess is correct. woo hoo!!!

happy new year!!!

Angi Smith

Guessing here:
Lan (as in land without d) + eeeeeeeee


Ok, I guess I'll it

(La being pronounced like the LO in LOVE and NEY being pronounced like the NEIGH in neighbor?)


Totally cracking up at all the guesses on Lanne's name- I think I've been saying it all wrong... I've said it "Lane"!?
Sickies be gone!!! Ugh- that is such a bummer! And Miss. Shabby J, you have a real knack for making anything look FAB!!!

Jen Harr

LOL right now! I'm the worst about pronnouncing anything correctly! I'll give it a shot, but not for a freebie---since I'm on your amazing team!! Does sound the way this is spelled: "Lannie or Lanny?" LOL!!
LOVE all of those yummy letters too! OH man---totally missing the scrap world now! Maybe soon???? Hug those sweet sick babies for me to get better soon!


I've always said Layney in my head, dunno if that is right though lol - loving all the shabby goodies, wishing these catalogs were available Downunder


hahaha.. this is so funny (for me anyway).
Just sent my dh a link... and he is saying.. Do I need to go over there and post..LOL...

I cant beleive the whole world a) knows my name and b) says it wrong.LOL

YAY for you SMJ you brightened my day!


Hi all
I think it might be like lah - nee
Anyway everyone have a great new year



OK too funny. Andrew (my dh) has just pointed out a typo that says my name is lanneeee... it should say my name IS NOT/Isnt LANNEEEEEE LOL

GOSH SMJ Now I dont even know what my name is.

Andrew ( Lanne's Husband)

After hearing that my gorgeous wife's name (Lanne), is the subject of a competition I had to come and check out how people thought it should be said. Had to grin when I saw Lanne's post and realised she didn't even know how to pronounce her own name .... either that or for the last 7 years I've been saying it wrong :)


ok if it isn't laney pronounced as lay-nee. Then how about Lawn? as in mow your Lawn?

Shabby Princess

toooo cute SMJ :) LOL...well - you know that even though I try to 'school' you on how to pronounce it...she will still always REALLY be Lannie (lann-eeeeeeeee) to me - ROFL!!! we'll just call that my nickname for her - he he! GREAT TOPIC though and so funny to see that we are not the only ones - LOL!

SOOOOOO sorry about the little ones, sweetie :( I hope they are 110% again soon!!! big hugs for all of you!

oh - and LOVE Sundance :)



Okay, just re-read your post and title...the whole (first time I was here) time I thought it said, "the STICKIES are here", with a "T" and I was like, "where are the stickies?" that's probably some yummy new thing she's come up with, little stickies"...and I kept looking for something about them...DUH!...I re-read, the SICKIES...sorry to hear that, hope everyone is getting better, my son's been sick through the night as well, still in my jammies and it's 12:24, just ate lunch. about those sTickies?


LOL - had to give it a go. Is it said like "Larn-a"? As in Dana/Jana/Donna even? hehe..


i have been saying it L+anne, like land without the 'd'.
ok lanne! you have to come out and tell us how it really is!!
pronouncing it like 'lawn' is pretty too!

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