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December 11, 2006


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How much fun is that! woohoo.. love that he held onto the ticket!

Jen Harr

My little guys is way into Polar Express also!! Love it! How cute are they!!---amazing photos, Jenn!


Ok...I've been lurking around your blog for at least a year now (maybe more), but have never commented. This Santa Train sure looks like the same exact Santa Train in my hometown. I have some pictures from last year when we took our son, and my pictures really look like that exact train...same # on engine, same yellow car with green trim... And, as I have read your other posts over the year or so, it make me think we might just be neighbors. Respond to my comment if you want, and I can elaborate more on where I actually would be really fun to meet sometime if we really do live in the same city! Promise, I'm not a creep! You can see my digital gallery at either 2peas or digishoptalk under user name scrap_frenzy. Hope to hear from you!

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