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December 30, 2006


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Yay for Becky! :) And yay for everyone for trying.. It was a rather fun way to end 2006 :) SMJ - you know I love you and your work but wow.. you made my name look so cool! HUGS.
New Years Eve here and party is about to get underway.. so better go .. HAPPY NEW YEAR! *whistle shout*...

from Land-d (hahaha)


Best wishes for 2007 !!


what a fun game!!! everyone go shop the sale!!! hope you have a wonderful new year's eve sweet jen! happy new year :).

Becky (Daisyduster)

Wow! This really turned into quite the fun little game...and I am finding that because of all of it, I am looking at Lanne's name and actually "saying" it correctly in my head now! (well, with just a couple of "Lon-nay" slip ups! LOL)
Thank you soooo much SMJ!

Jen Harr

OK---so, I was totally wrong about her name! It's nice to know these things! Thanks friend!
Just love your sale ad. design--super cute!!


... wishing you a happy new year and all the good things for 2007 !

ich love this blog. it`s so grandios. ich will love to stay your visitor in 2007.


happy birthday sweet jenn!!!


lol i take a look at the SBB-galleryand find some birthdaycards for you. so i wish you that all your dreams will be come true :0)


Happy happy birthday Jenn!!!!! I hope your day was wonderful!!!!!


Hey girlie, just came to wish you a SHABBY SWEET BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope it is as special as you are, Jenn- you are a genuine gem to the digi-scrapping world, and well, the world at large too!!! :o)


Happy Belated Birthday!!!

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