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January 07, 2007


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Jen Harr

Cute hats!! Those photos are amazing, Jenn!


so cute! your images are getting so great!!! i'm so impressed. you are going to be starting a business before you know it! LOL

Becky (Daisyduster)

HA! I married into a huge football lovin' family too! Why do the Miami Dolphins have to be Bright Orange and Teal??? But I still route for my hometeam...Go Seahawks!! Much better colors...but soooo not allowed in the house! LOL

That blinkie is sooo great! how'd you do that???

Shari Barnes

LOVE those pics Jenn! The lighting is PERFECT!


oooh! which tamron? i got the F/2.8 after borrowing shawn's and i hardly take it off my camera!


ohhhhhh...I GOTTA HAVE THE BLINKIE!! lol - in Jess of on earth have you done it?? GO PACKERS - did you not just cry at the end of their season right along with my Brett (I like to call him MY Brett!) What on earth will I do if he doesn't come back?! Hope you're doing well - the pictures are amazing :)


I just got a new lens that I talked about on my blog---go check it out!! ;)

Missy C

OK, so I'm a little behind on blog reading...where did you get that blinkie? I love it. I too am a huge cheese head...but I live in any chance I can get to show my Packer pride I do!

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