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January 23, 2007


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Amy Hutchinson

I'm with ya, sista! We could probly argue all day about who got the best hubby, but I'm sure we're both blessed in each her own way! Here's to joy!


Soooooo SWEET! Oh, is the interview what i think it is? Can't wait, can't WAIT!!


gorgeous...that it is! i am FILLED with joy for sooooooooooooooo many reasons :).

Becky (Daisyduster)

Isn't it just wonderful to have the lights just..."turn on." Love those kind of days...makes you giddy for a week!
Boy, does she look like her daddy, or what?


That is so so sweet! Glad you re-defined your life so easily - now we all need a phone interview - LOL!!!


Yes, joy joy joy! Just thought I'd drop by and say hello - wonderful pic :) Hope all is well my dear!


Wonderful capture, Jenn. Daddy's are a great (and important!) thing to have in your life!!

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