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January 09, 2007


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TOO CUTE! Love it~ my little guys like to dress up too. SO great for them to do the role-playing thing. And great photo ops!


help me help me.. i could be a damsel in distress for these two! awww...

Lochie puts a headset on and pretends he is on helpdesk..hahahahaha... he puts his keyboard in front of him and offers assistance to imaginary people with broken PCs..

saving the world one motherboard at a time! Up Up and the anykey!


Oh My - how ADORABLE they are!! I remember Ethan doing this - he's been - let's see- Buzz Lightyear, Spiderman, Batman, Superman...... LOL! Too Fun!!

Audrey Litfin

Those pics are just too stinkin' cute Jenn!!


Jenn you must have a very safe feeling with 2 of that strong men around ! :):)


awww they are just precious and totally adorable


How cute!!


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