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January 31, 2007


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Shari Barnes

Oh Jenn... love the birthday pics! I can tell he had a GREAT one! The pic with your husband is so fun. LOVE the b/w photo with those papers! Very nice work!

Becky (Daisyduster)

Ooohhh how fun! What a great cake!
I know exactly what you mean, and you are NOT being a baby...I'm a 2 am-er, and my husband thinks that I should get up with him at 5:45!! I tried it a couple of times...but I was sooooo exhausted by the time I was to supposed to go to "real" work at 3:30 pm!!!
Good strategy and planning is what we need...and sticking to it! LOL
Good luck!


Where to start? I wish I would have taken a photo of just Charles and his Spider-Man cake. Forgot in the mad dash to get everyone ready for the party. Joshua looks adorable with his cake. :) I love the simplicity of your Thankful 4 You LO. The bracketed journaling...very cool. And the card? :D :D :D Fantastically adorable. I am so buying that kit. :) Kathleen


LOVE EVERYTHING.... you are a big enabler! Good luck with the routine. It is such a work in progress! - I know EXACTLY what you are saying!


mmmm - that cake looks great! Glad Josh had a great birthday!!!


what a caaauute cake!! looks so yummy....i'm such a sucker for cake :) he look's so happy

Amy Wathen

OMG Happy Birthday!! He loods like he sure enjoyed his birthday breakfast and cake! OH and lets not get started on schedules. Trying sSO hard to make this the year I get to bed earlier and stick with my routine better. Good Luck to you.

Amy Hutchinson

Aw, how cute is he? WHY do they have to grow up so fast??

Shabby Princess

oh HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Joshie :) how cute is he?!!! love it all...and good luck with the routine sweetie - LOL!


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