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January 11, 2007


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i was just dicussing this with hubby this morning! very cool!!

Becky (Daisyduster)

I've never been really into cell phones or ipods...until I saw this on TV the other night! I know I'd LOVE this...but for $600!!!! sad...


wow that is insane!! i cannot believe this technology and how cool it is. i think i would be drooling all over it too. way cool :)

Amy Hutchinson

I'm saving my money starting right now. Hubby and I were both drooling minutes after the reveal. Thank goodness we have until June!


Well..feel sorry for us.. it is $750 here..LOL. And we cant get it until 2008. I was kinda dissapointed on the actual specs. (drooling until I read them tho).

Most of our phones are around $500 - $1000...I read that the US would be pushed to pay for it.. My current phone (not super cool) was $500 something for the handset. How much do you guys pay?


Just checked.. my phone was $528.. Andrews was $750


with our service we always get a new phone free every two when we re-upped late summer we got the motorola razers free...that stinks crazy expensive over there :)...

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