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January 11, 2007


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LOVE THAT FRAME.... seriously cool Jenn..cant wait to see the end project!

Becky (Daisyduster)

I LOOOVVVE that frame...
how funny..I won't mention the fabric magnet board I'm working on...the frame is soooo small, and now I want a BIG one!! LOL

Jen Harr

Yaaay, I've been tagged! I'm on it sweets!
Also, you know I'm drooling over that frame!!

Amy Hutchinson

Can't wait to see that bulletin board! It's gonna be FAB!


ok so I went to Veer and found some juicy stuff but what is the name of the "shabbiness"/"Mia" font?


SO fun reading about you, Jenn! No grocery list - wow! You are a brave girl! LOL I love Veer, too! :)


I love your frame. It is just beautiful.

I must say, I also love Veer and that great book. For work, I buy at least one stock photo a month, so I was put on the list to be the proud recipient of the "I draw pictures all day." books. Taking notes at work is SO MUCH more fun that it used to. ;)

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