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January 18, 2007


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what are you trying to advertise? your shabby furniture or your graphic design stuff? i think once you figure out your target you will be able to narrow things down. For me, a logo and the necessary info is fine....nothing "cutsie" - you want to appear professional and to the point! :)


Ummmmm, you are a raw talent with a wicked eye for design and style but I must tell you, I am better at procrastination than you are! LOL Finally, one thing I can be better than you at! :D

Love ya! ;)


OH count me in.. PM has been up and running for 2.5 years.. no cards.. and now we are moving.. i am putting it off.. no way could I settle on a design..LOL. although now i have a logo i like ..maybe i could. Looking at moving soon and the numbers will all change and then i wonder about the domain name..LOL. it is all good.

Why not run a comp?

Becky (Daisyduster)

I like the simplicity of your graphic on this post (colors, font, graphic ) excactly the way it is, but then put in on a pale pink background with a white shabby wooden frame around in all to frame the card. Sweet, simple, professional, but still that little bit of shabbiness for creativity!


I like your pink and black button on your smj designs site...that says "wanna be on the list"...something like that would be only two colors, might be less expensive...anything you do would be darling! Oh and I always loved the pink gerbera daisy (i think that's what it was) that you used to have on your blog that said SMJ in that fancy swirly font...that was very eye-catching. Blessings!


I really like it.


Your business cards can be different. Print up lots in different styles using your many banner designs.
Also, did you ever finish the cupboard you once showed?


I would definitely use your logo. It's awesome and so "you". I love it. You could do it on off white or a soft pink or pink on one side cream on the other. And yes, totally cool to use the logo and web address. That's perfect. You could put your email on there too : )

xoxo Michele

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