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January 05, 2007


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Becky (Daisyduster)

Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!!
I've been soooo waiting for some Shabby Chicness from you...
What is it about Shabby Things that can get us sooo giddy???? LOL
(It has it's own special power that just pulls you in, I tell ya!)


so pretty - you are doing so great!!!!!


These are simply gorgeous!! WOW!


First of, love, love your designs!!! Second of all, I have three boys (no girly stuff to scrap whatsoever!!) but I MUST HAVE your Mia's Room kit!! Absolutely beautifl!!


How cute are you? Love it!


Just when I think you couldn't get any more talented!!!LOL Shabby Miss Jenn is the best.


HOLY MOLY - those kits are AMAZING - I wish I could do girlie pages though - gonna have to find something to use them on! AWESOME work Jenn!!


Jenn.. so sorry! Mail is working but it seems it is being picky (and has no taste). Try or Sorry babes! If that doesnt work. I will give you another email account. :)


i just love these designs!! awesome job creating these :)


GASP!!! You know I looove everything you create but then you go and name such a beautiful kit, "Mia's room".... goooottttttta have that one since that is my baby girls name! LOL
Gorgeous work, yet again! Thank you!!!

Jen Higgins

I know you're new at designing, but seiously, when are you going to find someone to print your stuff? I would sooo love to buy your shabby kits on real paper at my local sbook store!

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