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January 15, 2007


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Oh YUM!! Those pink and brown plate are SOOO fab!! I've been eyeing some lovely ones at Rosannainc. Can't wait to get my built in hutches finished so I can display until my heart's content. :D
Love Chayce's piggies and cute little J-man playing. Cute, cute, cute.


so cute!!! gymbo's addictive, for sure! if you're looking for another cute bow place, try she's a friend of mine that makes the most AMAZING bows, i loooove them. it's an addiction, i tell you. :D (tell her laurie sent you! maybe i can earn a free bow or two from her LOL!)


caauute piggies!!! love em :)

teresa mcfayden

i have some of those plates and servng bowls!! Love Spode and love those colors and patterns. I have Christmas Spode too but this set is my fav!!! :) Beautiful!


love that plate! thanks for the link, my husband will be so pleased! not! lol chayce's piggies are adorable! he is totally a boy-next week it'll be cars!


Love your blog, Children, and work :-)
Would love to see photos of your home....think I'll love that too!
Tracy xx

Amy Hutchinson

Pink abd brown living room! Lucky you! My DH would never go for it - although I am sneaking some pink into our shared office / studio!

LOVE those plates!

Jen Harr

Oh yum! who knew they had pink & brown! I just started collecting the brown & white plates--- a variety--have a few by spode. Great photos!!! So, what do you think Mr. "J" will decide on?


Love the spode!! I have the Fleur de Lis pattern that I inherited from my Grandmother...makes it all the more special!! I know you'll love yours! And the 'piggies'...too cute for words!!


OH MY GOODNESS...THAT PLATE IS WONDERFUL! Those kiddies are precious too, of course. And I agree with about a home tour! Puh-lease? I need some inspiration. could make some more money designing blogs, you have extra time right? Blessings!


What CUTE little pigtails!!! I love little girls in pigtails! Those plates are to DIE for and I cannot believe that you talked your hubby into pink walls - WAY TO GO! DO show when you get it all done!

Sarah Keith

Love these plates! Just came across your blog. Lovin' it too! Hope you post soon as it looks as if you haven't posted since April.

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