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February 11, 2007


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I never slung lochie and I soooo wish I had. A valentines day party..? ohh pics please. I wrapped up Lochies teachers things yesterday (tuesday here now) and I am dropping them in this afternoon. They look cute enough but ..I was thinking.. I bet SMJ does something incredible!! LOL


We are baking heart shaped rice krispy treats for both girls' parties and I am finally ahead of schedule for once and already bought everything and valentines cards too. I am working on it:) HUGS


FUN baby shower!!
Oooh, must get that pouch for my expecting SIL!!
Thanks Sweets!


Had to tell you have much I LOVE your new header!! Gorgeous (as is BOP kit!)!
Happy Heart Day!!


The cake is darling and so is that sweet baby!


You are pure evil, woman! LOL!!! That is so cute!!! I can see myself typing away while the little man is slugged safely ;)

Kim Hill

I slung both my boys and that pouch you showed is absolutely gorgeous!


Thanks for all the love :) I have a pack similar to that called a Mai Tai....LOVE it!!! :)


oh what a cute sling!! definitely looks like a "must-have" for my baby boy :)

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