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February 20, 2007


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The stuff for the boys' room is so cool, Jenn!


Great pics Jenn! Looks like you had fun documenting their rooms!


LOVE those little vintage-y things (giving me some ideas on how to do our new room for my boys). Funny, but I wasn't feeling the love at PBK either. And we are getting these new bunkbeds in a sort of honey maple color (we have such a small house we gotta maximize the floor space) and LOL I am making some corduroy funny. Same sort of colors (except I have some orange in mine!!). Thanks as always for the picture and the fabulous ideas!!


You inspire me!! Great finds & Adorable room!


Jenn, thats such a great collection of items for the boys room. It's going to look fantastic!


Ok, now that you're done with your boys' room you have to come to Germany and do mines,'re so talented. You should give interior decorating lessons. Seriously love the direction you're taking for your boys room. Ciao.


jenn this is all great stuff!! i find decorating a boy's room hard, you make it look soooo easy!!

Sweet Jane

Shabby Jenn~

As a fellow shabby enthusiast~I am a lurker, true. But I need some help. It was total kismet today when I read your blog and saw the library card. I am throwing a baby shower for a friend who wants to "stock the baby's bookshelf" with children's books as the theme. I have tried and tried to locate real library cards to use as the invite, to no avail. This is the next best thing. I tried it out and they look darling. I just wish they were an actual check out card rather than a catalog card. I have a question for you if you are ok in replying....


Just wanted to say thanks to you, my wallet is empty! Kendall and I went and did a little shopping at Old Navy today after reading about your bargains! ;-) We also stopped by Payless Shoes and she picked up 4 pairs of stylish flip flops. Poor thing... she has my shoe weakness!

Shabby Princess happy you got to go! LOVED the chat as always...and the boys' room is sooooo stinkin' cute! love it :)



OH MY! incredible blog and talent and love of life. i am so amazed by you and if I was not so behind on posting on my own blog I would be reading this all night.
I so look forward to learning all about your amazing talent.

i had asked my friend recently about digital scrapbooking and she sent me your site... the best piece of information i have recieved all week... maybe all year!


i would just so very much love to have a tour of your home...via blog...maybe someday??? i will be needing some big boy room ideas...course i want it semi-shabby...any ideas or books or anything...did i mention i would love a home tour... : ) blessings...okay...and p.s. is the shabby princess really your twin or is that something i'm just not smart enough to "get"...

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