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February 16, 2007


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Oh... you are TOO SWEET Jenn! LOVE your layout! That photo is so cute and I LOVE that title!


Glad to hear that I am not the only one spending some time cleaning. Ugh. I love it when it is done, but man it only stays clean for about 2 minutes! Thanks for all the little enabling stuff!


sooooooooooooooo cute :)!!!


Jenn.. I hear you on the cleaning. I am LOVING a game we call beat the buzzer! I set a timer (on the oven..LOL) and everyone has to clean up the room .. if it is done before the buzzer goes off.. then you win (choose reward.. treat/piggyback ride etc).. and i swear (must be testosterone and competitivness haha) even husbands play. Our house is now tidied EVERY night.. and I dont do alot of it.LOL.. I CLEAN the bathrooms etc tho.. and Andrew vacs whilst Lochs watches a DVD. Makes my life manageable! GOOD LUCk and enjoy Monday!


a clean house? what's that?
love your layout and the whole kit is wonderful! great idea and a great cause!


Hey you! OH how sweet! That lo is precious! Aren't Holly & Shari B. amazing! I know why she chose you to design--- & did you see Shari's lo using your kit! See-- you just rock!

Shabby Princess

ahhhhh - love that LO...what a sweet moment - he he! hope you get to take Monday off...and the cleaning was quick - LOL! love ya...



Jenn, I am loving this new ASPCA kit. I just bought the whole thing as I was asked to do some scrap pages for our Cayman Humane Society to give out as flyers and as keepsakes for animals that are adopted. I am so excited to get started with this. Great job.

xoxo Michele

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