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February 08, 2007


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I'm off to bed early. But I am so buying your new kit tomorrow. Wow, I love the brown striped ribbon, the photo corners, the worn stiching and the muted brown and green papers. So visually appealing. And oh yeah, love the epoxy looking letters as well. Great job Jenn! -Kathleen


it is a GORGEOUS kit!!! and man some of my teammates made some SMOKIN' pages...soooooooooooo fast too...makes me feel Will my flu excuse still work?!?!


WOW! I really ADORE this one,Jenn!!! You're simply AMAZING! :) WOW!


Sooooooo gorgeous!


Oh...I have to get this one too:) Love the color combo. AWESOME TALENTED SHABBY MISS JENN!!!!

Tricia Kennedy

LOVE LOVE LOVE this kit...just purchased it! Tricia :)


this is jaw-dropping gorgeous!!!!




Love that banner Jenn.....just love this kit too, can't get over it:) Joshua is sooo cute:) Have a great weekend.


Looo-loooo-loooooVE it!!! :o)


Oh Jenn, you are just SO talented! I love it! Someday, I will figure out how to do this digital scrapping thing and then I can use your great designs!


I saw some layouts with this kit in the DST gallery and fell absoutely in love with it! It has inspired me to do some NON baby pages!


sniff sniff..i was going back and forth all day yesterday about getting it and then dangitall had to pay out the nose for glasses for my dh and then all kindsastuff to send my 9 year old on a daddy/daughter dance date with her daddy (say THAT three times fast! LOL) and I was so looking forward to it. ON TOP OF and dh celebrated valentines today and he got me a bunch of CRAP. A stuffed monkey.....and kiddy candy.....made me want to cry thinking of the digi goodness that money would have bought. Oh my..did not mean to go on like that, rofl. sorry about that. But hey at least you know your designs inspire passion in me!! LOL


Yaaaaay! I had such fun with this & plan on more projects with it!!!


Ooooh, somehow I missed this....I will have this by night's end! LOL

Oh, BTW, Jenn, I had been meaning to tell you...whenever I go to the "KIts" section of the SMJ site I always get a blank white screen....any ideas?????

Christine Smith

Great post! I am linking this on my weekly digi scrapping blog carnival today. Check it out here:


wow - this kit is gorgeous!! I love it and am putting it on my wish list :) You are doing FABULOUS work and I love looking at your blog to see what you're up to!

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