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February 06, 2007


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How FUN!! You are such a cool Mom. Love the bling.

Shari Barnes

VERY cool Jenn! GREAT photograph too!


OK--now I have that song in my head & remembering my madona look-alike-days! LOL! Wouldn't this bling bling look great in a scrapbook kit! hint hint!

Amy Hutchinson

Love them! Reminds me of a big box of costume jewelry my mom had when I was a kid...


OMG These are amazing! Love em. I agree with Jen that these are some great inspiration for a new kit!!

Dena Simoneaux

these are FAB!!! absolutley love them!

Denasimoneaux :)


How fun. 80s rule, for sure. ;) My 5 year old Chloe was just invited to a Rockstar party and I found her a Ramones t-shirt just her size. Chloe accessorized it with very Madonna-like black rubber band bracelets and a chunky plastic red hearts bracelet and black very 80s...for me. (I saw the Ramones when I was 16 years old...1986... funny what's old is new again. can't wait to see her with your 80s treasure find. :)


LOL I can't stop singing Lucky Star! The 80's were so much fun! LOL I still have (pack rat, I am -not really, just sentimental) jewels like those and my girls LOVE them!!
Well, I had to tell you how FAB-U-LOUS Shabby Birds of Paradise is!!!! Unbelievably beautimus!!!! I was just getting ready to buy Gimme Some Love and then I get this in my inbox!! That only means one thing......I NEED both, of course!!!

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