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February 23, 2007


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AWESOME picture! I don't know how you even have the time to "Dr" it up with the CUTE frame and font!!! Love your bloggie girl!

Sabrina Schneider

I always love your pictures. My husband is going to buy me a new camera for my birthday and we're looking at a Canon. What do you use, if you don't mind me asking? Love your blog.

Audrey Litfin

Well girlie, it looks like you've nailed down that camera (and sharpening BTW). I can't wait to see the pics you took for your friend!!!!!


Aww... what a cutie!! :)

love, me <><


WOW Jenn! AWESOME AWESOME photo!! Hubby wants to know what lens you used to take that photo, so if you could email me :) A Digital SLR camera is on my wish list for the what your talent shows for the one you have :)


hey......wanted to tell you, I updated my blog today, and changed my banner. I used your Flea Market kit for it and just wanted to make sure that was okay with you :) Check it out if you'd like :)

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