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March 08, 2007


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Lovin that cute shabby phone you have there!!! If i used my cell phone more, I would SO get that one. And look at how cute those babes are!! There is a huge glare on my screen, but from what I see those pictures look great!!! I will have to check back later to see them without the glare, but I am sure they look wonderful as do all your photos. :) Have a great day my Shabby friend!!


Oh, I LOOOOOVVVVVEEEE that pic of your daughter on the swing... PERFECTION! They are all great though. Love your phone too. I almost bought that one when I upgraded but changed my mind and went with another LG. This definitely does fit YOU though! :-)


OM!! that phone is so YOU!!! perfect and pink!!! hello!?!?! look like a great day in shabbyland!

as for the photos - they are so full of color and are so sharp - what is that you are doing??? (secrets, spill 'em girlfriend - or i'll make it easier for you - get in the car and drive down here and take some of my boys! thanks!)



Okay, since you promised not to bite! I love the photos! How do you get them so crisp and colorful? Is it just the camera? Or do you really have to know what you are doing? LOL! I have been so disappointed in the pictures from my point and shoot lately, I have been starting to look into a dslr. I'm just afraid I don't have what it takes to learn how to use it!


Ooooo....lovin' the new phone. That's too funny, me and my hubby are the same way. He's more into getting me a new phone than I am when I get the free Verizon ones, and he always enters all my contacts for me too -what a guy!

Your babies are looking so full of life and joy!

Amy Hutchinson

Oh, I love the photos! I think they're better than "ok" - definitely groovy!! I've been playing around with my new camera too - more than 400 photos in 4 days! I love watching real life through a viewfinder!

Love the phone! I haven't upgraded either. Waiting on the iPhone!!


Groovy for sure girl! They are dynamic! I am so so jealous that you are out and about and went from snow to warmth in like 2 days - what's up with that?!!! Definitely not Michigan!!!


what did you ever decide for your business cards?


I LOVE the photos. They are great! SO bright. I think that is why I have been in a scrappin slump lately. My photos have been dull and dark. I wanna know your secret! Love em.


OK cool phone.. paint it white and scrap back...LOL. SHABBY PHONE! or maybe you can tie a sweet ribbon on the antenna? haha

As for the photos. I love the top 3... and I like the bottom 2... i think you could improve them a lil if you have a look at the levels.. email me if you want any help :) They are awesome tho - you captured great KID moments!


I think your photos look great! I can't wait for it to get warm here so I can take more photos outside. And I just have to say I'm in LOOOOVE with that phone. I'm not a huge cell phone person, but I just got a new Verizon phone a couple weeks ago. I fell in love with the strawberry phone - but mine wasn't going to be free. LOL! I ended up with the pink razr instead.


Lovely Photos!!!
My favorites are of the kids swinging!!!

jen harr

Very Groovy! My two top favorites are the 3 middle ones--color & angles!
That phone is YOU! Hmmm...maybe need to upgrade myself--just something us busy moms need to think about more! LOL!

kim (OliveJuice)

Okay, I NEED a lesson! These are BEAUTIFUL candids Jenn. So I've had my camera for over a year and I'm still TERRIBLE! I can't focus! (No, not like attention deficit FOCUS on the camera. LOL) I think I used to know...but what lens are you shooting?


Love the photos! I love everything you do! I am in awe of you!!! You are so talented and I love your bubbly personality.


I think your photos are awesome. You have major talent, Jenn. Maybe I can learn from you. Keep up the great work.


Groooooovy!! love the phone!

Shabby Princess

my Goodness - those pics are sooooooo fun :) just adorable! and you know i love that phone - LOL! enjoy :)

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