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March 23, 2007


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I have been seeing those actions - WOW - okay maybe with my birthday money! I am just not sure if they can help my photos a whole lot - LOL! That one looks AWESOME! I like the idea of posting them on your blog, but only b/c I don't tend to browse those flickr albums much - can be very time consuming, but do whatever is easiest for you darling! Have a great warm weekend!


I am SO SO jealous that you have those actions!! They are so cool, and it looks FAB on your photo!! As far as posting a pic a day, I like to see them in the post, pretty much for the same reason as Manda. But whatever you'd like, I'm sure I'll check them out anyway...LOL!!
Have a great weekend


Hey Girl, those actions are just yummy! Ya maybe with birthday money for me to but that will be a bit of a wait! :) I am just not sure how hard they are to use??

I will admit it, I am lazy and would rather look at your photos on your blog because I come here everyday anyway! :0)

Ok, so now I am so craving M&M's!! I am going to have to make a run to the store before the day is over, maybe I should get enough for the office and keep everyone hyped for the afternoon!!

Have a fab weekend, I will be working on planting up some planters! Yeah diggin in the dirt, gotta love it!


You got them you got them! Arent they fab?!!!!

I am off to sit and edit and work away today. and will certainly be cranking them out..LOL

I think an album on here would be great. I have one I just dont upload to it much..maybe I can do.. 7 photos a week..LOL. (which is kinda the same thing but I could do it at once.LOL) . Will do some before and afters too!



Soooo having a case of action envy. I've been eyeing those and they look amazing! And I would love to see your photo-of-the-day every day. :) I went with the flickr thing after not being happy with the whole process of the typepad photo albums. I wish they had more of a calendar style that worked better. If you figure something out let me know! Can't wait to see whatever you do though.

RADICAL weekend to you too girl! :)


Yay, a new SMJ photo every day? That would be lovely :). I would go see your pics wherever, but I have to admit I sometimes get a little lost/overwhelmed in flicker as well (is there such a thing as TOO much eye-candy?).


I'd love to see you do POTD. Shari and I started doing POTD this month along with Shari but I had to drop out cause my 2nd Nikon digital camera body broke. So... no camera. But Nikon is fixing it for free and I hope to have it back soon so I can resume taking a photo a day. I don't visit Flickr... but I do visit your blog. :)


i have a flickr account as well, but i never go there...time consuming, and the whole bit- ok, i'm lazy! but i do come here often so seeing a photo a day here would be good. i love those actions! i hope to get them soon!


Hey shabby friend! I love them posted on your blog, instead of flickr. When I grow up I want a camera just like yours!!LOL!

Audrey Litfin

Another awesome advertisement for those Totally Rad Actions?!?? You're making it too hard to resist!! :) I can't wait to see some more samples of these actions!! Keep 'em coming girlie!

Becky (Daisyduster)

These actions are AWESOME!!!

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