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March 15, 2007


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ohhhhhhhhh...i love your layouts with these...esp. the first one...very cute! so, you've been doing this a LONG time. thanks for sharing! hope you enjoyed your latte, you deserve it! : )


I haven't gotten the "walking in Memphis" bit yet?! I am blonde so it takes me a little longer - but I love Shari B! How sweet that you got that little card - love it!


I can't believe deann let's me talk on the air nevermind that someone who has a similar voice is allowed on tv!!!!!!! computer won't connect to HSN right's making me nuts...I have to see what this KOOK sounds like!!! Poor thing...she better come for voice lessons with me at once!! And no wonder I didn't know who you were talking about...I'm a QVC girl myself!

I'm cracking up reading your explanation of the "drive mommy crazy relay race"!!!! The passing of the baton had me hysterical!!! Sadly, I can relate all too well!!!

Thank you so much for have a fan for life now. I"m addicted already to your upbeat, fun and oh so sweet style!!!


Girl... you made me spit my Diet Coke out all over my keyboard! ROFL. TOO FUNNY!!! I am glad that you think about me though! ;-) You're such a SWEETIE! Oh, that new kit of Ronna's is beautiful too! I TOTALLY get the meltdown parade too... have them here all too often!


OMGosh!! Look at your sweetie pie!! What gorgeous layouts :). It's amazing how such beautiful little angels can have those meltdowns sometimes :).


LOL... the Shari comment was too funny. How big was that latte.ROFL

Have a great day sweets!!


Oh how funny. When one of the girls is misbehaving they have the opposite affect. One is totally on their best behavior to make themselves look better. Cute:)

Shabby Princess

he he - i SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO remember that layout...and i have EVERYTHING on there, too - LOL! GORGEOUS AND SO SWEET! love the softness of that new kit, too!!!!


LOL!!! "Passed the baton!!" I know EXACTLY what you mean and for me, YES Starbucks DOES help!!OMG!! My premiere issue of Digital Scrapbooking Magazine FINALLY arrived!! WooHoo! How awesome your layout is and how very exciting! It is pure sweetness!! Congrats!!!! And yes, Shanah....has a great voice,(I have to go check out this lady on HSN!) LOVE Shanah! She is one fabulous lady!! Glad you liked the card! Thank you again for your generosity and sweetness!!!!

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