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March 22, 2007


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Dang another time when I wish we had cable. Nigella sounds like my kind of cook! And I too am exctied about the new SP stuff. I just love those Bella colors! SO puts me in a happy spring mood. LOVE your pages. I am SO inspired to scrap today and I have to paint! ICK! Happy Day to your gang!


Your layouts with the new SP stuff are AWESOME! I tried to leave comments on the site, but it keeps giving me errors. I will try again later. Anyway... LOVE LOVE your layouts and card!


Love the new pages! I will have to check out that Chefography...I liked the one about Giada, it got me liking her show a lot more! I love the new banner, but check "Keeping", ..sorry I was a teacher before becoming a mommy, so I'm always catching that stuff ;)! And WHY is Sanjaya still on AI??!! Ugh.


such yummy yummy goodness...I'm trying to decide which new kits I want :) all of them of course.....rofl. LOVe your SP layouts too, I wanna be you when I grow up :)
oh and pssssst (you might want to check your spelling in your blog header, but it's cute as it can be!)

Gemma Clarke

Thought you might like to take a look at a layout I scrapped with one of your kits! it is such a gorgeous kit (and photo of mine) that I wanted to make sure there was focus on i kept it simple. Look how 'real' it looks!!




OH how I wish I could cook and wish I was good at it! If I could though I would want it to be fun and real too!!! My mom cooks like that - we all hang out while she makes a BIG Sunday lunch every Sunday for like 12+ people! Just like home - LOL!!!
Love how you used Shabby Princess' new kits!!!


I am sitting here smiling Jenn... Cooking IS a part of everyday life..LOL. For me anyway.

Maybe I am channelling Nigella.. if i can.. WHY OH WHY cant I channel Jamie - I could do with some of that on my kitchen table.. hahahaha

(Made jamie's vegetable cannoeli the other night.. the boys LOVED it.... and never would have eaten those same veges otherwise!)


fabulous layouts, jenn. love that pink, girly, spring kit and you scrapped it awesomely LOL.

Nancy Comelab

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. You have some of the most beautiful eye candy on the web! And thank you, so very much, for so graciously using my frames in your posts. I feel honored! Love ya!

Baby Tease

Hi Jen, I kinda knew Nigella's story, but I have been waiting to see her Chefography. I loved watching it, and seeing how strong she has been through the thick and thin. I hate Bobby Flay's snobby attitude, but I have a new found respect for the man. We see Mario Batali on the street all of the time in NY, I wish I could bump into INA!

I love all of your layouts. The kids are so cute, but those shots of them layered in your pages are something else. Take care, Kim.


AI - Oh my gosh I think the country has gone crazy this year. Chris did sooo well with his song and that Synjia kid makes me.... UHG!!!!

Love the layout with your daughter and her cute little purse, so girly and fun!

I have seen Paula Deen a few times but not any of the others, must be on during the day. I love to have them on when I am home, I always hope somehow I can absorb some inspiration from them, but so far umm... well...I am still a boring what's for dinner cook! :)


i love your son's little chin all squished up in the hair lady's hand. that's adorable. thanks for all the wonderful inspiration. i'm going broke! : ) blessings!


I totally agree about Nigela - love her! Her voice is so soothing - almost mesmerizing :)

I love Ina Garten too and also enjoy Giada DeLaurentis - she's a cutie :)



Oh yah!! I've been TOTALLY loving the chefography stuff. LOVE Nigella and Ina! I saw an article in NY Times about Ina that you might like:

It's so fun to read all the backstory on these fab ladies. I come to appreciate them even more.

Love ya girlie! Happy weekend~

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