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March 27, 2007


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oh girl, the shoppe looks WONDERFUL!!!!


Love the new is easy to navigate! My guess for your fave...John Ratzenberger (he's turned out to be a lot better than I thought...I kinda like him now!)


The new site looks great Miss Jenn! How fun to re-do things once in a while!

I am going to guess that your favorite dancer is Apolo (the ice skater).


Well, Miss Jenn, I've been a silent lurker (I think... maybe I have commented before, haha! HOW embarrassing to not even know *blush*), but I just had to tell you how much I love, well, everything that you do! You're probably one of my favorite designers out there, and every kit you come up with just gets better and better! Really truly amazing! Love the new site and as soon as I get some moolah saved up... *sigh* :)

Thanks for being so inspiring! I'd love to link your admirable blog (because let's be honest, I've already got your shoppe added to my 'retail therapy' list ;) so let me know!

Oh, and my guess is Billy Ray Cyrus, from Hannah Montana!!! (also embarrassing that I know that... but hey, that's what happens when all you watch is the Disney channel!)!


Love the new look!!! My guess would have to be Apolo Anton Ohno. He's so cute! He's definitely my favorite this year...I hope he's yours too!


Ugh, I'm on dial-up at work and have not nearly enough patience but I will definitely be checking out the new shop tonight and I actually have a whole blog post about my favorite tv shows ready to post, just need to add the links. :) You know I LOVE Dancing with the stars and I'm gonna guess that Ohno's your favorite, mainly 'cuz he's mine so far. Lots of great ones though. :) Congrats on the new shoppe design. I'm sure it's fabulous!


The site looks great Jenn - love the gallery! I watched a bit of the dancing premier last week and I loved it. Missed it last night. :( Monday nights are my "24" nights - and no time for anything else - oh well!

Angi Smith

Dancing with the Stars ... You liked Heather Mills best! What guts, what glamour, what passion! Close?


yay! it looks great! thanks for the 10% off, i may have to buy a kit or two! and, i don't watch dancing with the stars, but my girlfriend said Ian whatever from 90210 is on it, is it him? blessings!


The Shoppe looks fab! I'm gonna guess Heather Mills!


How about Joey Fatone for the favorite? THanks for the discount to shop! :)


Fabulous changes to the shoppe- it looks dahhhling!
And my guess is Layla (sp?) Ali!? :o)


Well, I'll guess Joey Fatone! :) I hate that I always say Joey "Fat One" in my head every time I see his name -- I heard that somewhere once and can't get it out of my head! LOL!


Great new look! My guess is Billy Ray Cyrus???


the new site is great! my guess is leeza.


I'll have to gues Joey Fatone he's my fave too.!!!


hey jenn, love the look of the new site. i just happened to pop on it today before i even read your blog super cute sweetie :)

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