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March 20, 2007


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Love your new kits! And those cupcakes look so cute! Thanks for the tip about coloring the coconut -- I never would have thought of that!!


Definitely going to have to make the cupcakes next week while my girls are on spring break! Thanks for the tip!! Off to shop the new stuff! Have a great Tuesday!


Cute stuff! Love the new kits, and the cupcakes are too fun!


First time I have seen your kits-great colours! Now I am drooling for a cupcake - hubby is on another diet so we can't have sweets in the house.


I got the email from SMJ designs at work and it totally brightened my day! :o )
Love that deviled egg dish! And the cupcakes...delish! :O)

Claudia F

Amazing stuff! I'll be back often.
Claudia F.


I LOVE your new kits! They are beautiful! Going to get my shabby fingers on your newsletter!!! I am sooooo happy!!!!


Those cupcakes are sooo cute! I love Springtime!


How do you come up with all these completely cute ideas?!! Love those cupcakes, they almost look too cute to eat. Yeah, almost, haha!


I just made cupcakes with all time favorite:) Love the kits too:)


You have the cutest tag sale finds. I love your unique finds for the boys. I'm in the process of trying to sale our house and haven't had a whole lot of comptuer time...but I have my fingers crossed that our house will sale soon and I can RELAX a bit more (scrapping). :) Can't wait to take a closer look at your new designs. You've been busy. :) Kathleen


I just wanted to say I have several of your kits and just love your style. I check the blog frequently and am always amazed at how you make ordinary things look great in a photograph. Keep up the great work!


Woohoo! Sign me up!! I love your stuff!! And btw, I am definitely making those cupcakes for Easter!!


Your cupcakes look so yummy and you have inspired me to break out my spring decorations! :)


Stumbled upon your site quite accidentally.....what a delight! Perfectly sweet collections: cupcake recipe, cutesy vintage tag sale finds, and digiscrap kits too. Lovely, simply lovely.


Look at all of your pretty goodies - I have to say I can't get my eyes off of that cupcake though...that baby I'm growing LOVES cupcakes!! lol

Amy Hutchinson

Ok, I'm starving and those cupcakes look SOOOO good! So cheery and springy! And those new goodies?? YUM!!! I am so in the mood for spring!


How in the heck do you keep coming up with all these fun kits?? Good golly my brain would pop!

I so love the clear dishes, one of the wonderful things I have of my Mom's is her fostoria, love, love, love it!

Oh we so used to make fun little things like that for easter and spring, now the kids are grown so no one to play with, but I do have a grandbaby so one of these days she will play in the kitchen with me!

Ok nuff chatter - Later girl


Well I'll join the gaggle of people here~I love your blog too--I keep up with it every time it changes and definitely get a smile when I see the words new kit!
Thanks for sharing your creativity,


Soooo love those cupcakes! I'm definitely going to make them for my son's Easter daycare party! And, you get the cutest stuff at the tag sales you talk about...I'm in the that the same as a garage sale?


I guess I'll put in my two cents...I just love checking your blog and really love getting those emails about new stuff!! Gonna try to cupcakes, too!

Daisy Cottage

Oh, your cupcakes are TOO cute! I'm definitely copying these... adorable!!!


Loved the lo Sharon posted on her blog from your new kit!


OMG - look at all these people coming out of the wood works here commenting!!! How! I comment pretty frequently so nothing new for you. I wish I could give out a little blog freebie that I made so that I could see all the lurkers - so fun to find out who visits!!! Love the new stuff gal! And those dollar finds are awesome - that is my kind of shopping - $1!!! (yeah - I'm dutch - real dutch - LOL)


Hey Jenn! Love the new designs!!

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