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March 12, 2007


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Well, I guess someone has to be first (no kit for me). I love the haircuts. Great job!

kim (OliveJuice)

Let the commenting BEGIN! LOL
I am soo cracking up at this post! BTDT! LOL What is it with the little dudes and haircuts? Torture, I tell ya...just TORTURE!! So glad they weren't crazy...and they look sooo sweet with their new little wigs. (Got the "wig" thing from Jaynie. LOL)
TY for the topping recipe! I just know our little babes will LOVE that! Blueberries are their FAVORITE!
Happy week, my friend.


Wow, I'm the second one--oh well! :) I'm a lurker but thought I'd leave a comment anyway. Love the haircut pics and love your designs! Have a wonderful day!


LOL, it figures, huh? I love hearing stories about your boys...I wonder what adventures I'm in for once Gabe gets older? Great pics!


can i post 11 more times? : ) those pictures are son doesn't care much for the hair cutting lady, he usually sits on my lap and i end up getting hair all over me!


Don't little boys look adorable with their hair freshly cut? How adorable are they? Have a super day!


What a fun story about your boys' successful haircuts. As the mother of a 21-month old who also hates haircuts, I can relate to your apprehensions at going into a salon. I'm glad things worked out so well. (And they look precious, by the way!)


GREAT photo, Jenn! I LOVE the ones of Matt getting his cute. GREAT color and compositions on these! That top pic is sooooo adorable!! I can't get over how much better your pics have gotten with the new camera. I can tell it has really made you study and practice more! LOVE them!


can you change it to the 9th poster?? LOL
your kids are adorable!! :)

Time for change

I know I'm not the 15th post...just glad I can make it 1 step easier for someone else. The pictures of your kids are ADORABLE, Jenn! OMG You always capture them in the cutest photos. You amaze & inspire me. :) Thanks, btw, for the freebie desktop! Love it. Take care~


What handsome haircuts Jenn! Sounds like the stylist did a great job with the boys - I was expecting worse when you first started with the fact that she kind of got a fearful look at the beginning. When I cut little kids hair I just kind of keep at it no matter how much they wiggle and squirm! THey look great! Love the pics!


Just a few more comments and someone can win! Good luck to lucky #15!

Audrey Litfin

HAHA, what a cute story! Sounds like those boys are growing up! My mom cut our hair until I was about 17. None of us cried but she had a horrible time with my little bro who was VERY VERY particular about his cuts. He'd hold a mirror and point out mistakes and changes along the way. What should've been 15 minutes turned into about 45...haha


Oh, you changed the number to 15! Somebody's going to win soon!


Love the blog, I really hope I am #15 because I love your kits also!



DId I get to 15?? I hope so!


A lurker out of the shadows. This is my good deed for today...I'll be #14! Good luck to the next poster!!


I missed my good deed!!!


we had the same problem with our youngest - totally screamed blue murder in the salon! I cut his hair for quite a while (he sported the cutest mullet LOL), until I found someone to come to our house (do you have mobile hairdressers in the US?), and he was fine sitting in his highchair having his hair cut. Now we have her do everyone's hair, it's so much more convenient than dragging everyone to the salon and sitting there for hours (4 boys and Daddy takes tooooo long).

Brooke - In Oregon

The boys looks so cute getting all spiffed up! Funny how they will act differently for other people. What a great big sister too! all in all it looks like a super good day!

Having some fabulous weather here and totally loving it, so much nicer to see sunshine instead of RAIN!! :) later gater!


OH SMJ! I had the same thing yesterday - your worst nightmare was my reality! LOL Lochie did GREAT until my Mum cut his hair.. hasnt gone well since. He gets so upset we used to change hairdressers each time JUST so we didnt inflict him on anyone. Once security came to the shop because he was screaming so badly! (oh yes.. that was FUN! ..haha). Yesterday was horrible! He wouldn't forgive me.. and has been mean to me since. He wants me to pack up and move out. LOL Not so much lil man! : ) SO PLEASED your experience was better!


i go outside to check the mail and that's what i get! gotta be quick!


I am sooo jealous about the haircuts...last time we tried that, my son (and I almost) left the salon in tears, with half his hair cut off. It was traumatic for us both! I had to fix it myself while he was napping, and that's the way I've trimmed it since. Yes, I cut my son's hair while he sad LOL! Can't wait to try the ice cream topping!

Liz Taylor

i can totally relate to the salon story. anytime i tried to cut my little boys hair he would wiggle and scream like i was cutting his arm off. the first time we took him to a salon he just sat nicely in the seat and let the lady do her thing. unbelievable.

Liz T

Angi Smith

Trying to be #15.......

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