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March 05, 2007


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Jenn... I LOVE WD too! I have several of their 500gb MyBook's and LOVE them. SUPER quiet and fast too! You'll love it! Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend. We didn't get near as much as you accomplished though! Those cookies are making me hungry!!


Oh man! What a yummy post! Cute, cute pics galore! Way to go for Miss Chayce for being such a good reader! We are teaching Liv to read right now and she's LOVING it. I just love when they love to learn....and then read to the little guys! LOL So sweet!
And Jenn, I am soooo jealous you have Trader Joes and a Costco. Those are the two store I miss the MOST living in this tiny town. I don't know how we survive! LOL


You are soooo good about taking your camera with you. And I love Costco and Trader Joes too. Have you tried their pizza's only $1.00 and makes awesome pizza..and love their lowfat cheetos:)

Shabby Princess

such a fun post...and a fun weekend! well - any weekend with shopping is FUN - lol! love it all...and those are our fave cookies, too :) awesome bakery! he he on the carnitas...yummy :)


Coming out of lurkdom bc you mentioned my 2 favorite stores: TJ's and Costco!! Be sure to try the Potstickers from Costco and the hazelnut chocolate spread (like Nutella) from TJ's....mmmmmm. I would love to hear how you made the Carnitas, dh wanted to try them. Love the little bunny that Chayce got, too cute!

Daisyduster (Becky)

Ditto on the Carnitas! lol
Maybe you or your "shabby twin" could post the recipe? ...pleeeeeease! lol

Gina H.

Love that EHD...also got it at Costco a few months ago...I want the little portable too someday. Those cookies are a staple at out did we do before Costco.


I just bought the same my book last week!!! I am drooling over the 1 TB one too! Isn't it fabulous!


You have a way to turn a somewhat ordinary weekend shopping trip and dinner out into an amazing art piece!!! I love it girl - great pics and sounds like a great weekend spent with DH and kiddos!

jen harr

Oooh, so glad you got to get some SMJ designs goodies-- EHD, etc! Yaay!
I wold love to see what you come up with for business cards!
You inspire me always!!


Sounds like you had a great weekend! So glad you got out with the kiddos! Isn't it the best! Now if only I could get paid for every time I hear, "Wow, looks like you've got your hands full!" LOL! I always just respond with, "Yea, we're having fun!"


I know a little about having a loud child. That would be my talkative Chloe bird. ;) :) I belong to Costco but...gasp...have never bought anything from the bakery. I need to change that. :) Would love to see your business card. I'm sure it will be 'Shabbylicious'. :)


Mmmm! Sounds delish! Now I am wishing I could take the day off to go shopping! LOL! We have a Trader Joe's very close to where I work and I always have good intentions of making it over there but haven't yet! I think I need too! And sigh...Costco is pretty far from us. :o(
P.S. LOVE the new kits- looove them! You ROCK, Jenn!


Yo quiero Carnitas! Con crema de leche! Mmmm.


Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! Just want you to know I am sooo totally hungry now. :)

Mexican food is the number one favorite around this house too!

Have a Happy day, the sun is shining and I want to go outside and PLAY :)

Amy Hutchinson

I love Saturdays full of family shopping! Ya'll got some great stuff! We just accidentally fried our MyBook :( So I'm on the lookout for something new! Gotta have space for all the goodies!!


Hi Jenn,

I'm just learning about digi scrappin & have found your blog in my search, along with your store. I'll definitely being making a BIG purchase soon. I'm wondering why on your blog, I can only see the left half of your images. To see the entire image or LO I have to open them in a new window. Also, on the Summer WP, can you tell me where the item you used for "events" is available for purchase. I noticed you also used it on your blog, on the "Heather Bailey Fabric Project". I also like the similar item on the LO named "A Trip to the Dentist". I was looking for a credits area but didn't see one & looked through your store with no results either. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

A new fan,

Mary G

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