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March 28, 2007


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Me?! Seriously!? Sooooo fun! Thank you!
And LOVE your LO with Gina's new kit! :o)


Love what you did with Gina's new kit!! Great fontwork on there too! Oh... I recognized Madison right away... she is such a cutie! Love that little skirt!


YEP! That's one of the BIGGEST reasons I LOOOOOOVVVVEE you sooo very much...your attitude just ROCKS, my friend.
OMG, and you HAVE to check out one of Miss Amelia's latest auctions:
Is this not the CUTEST layette line in the world?! She's amazing.

Brooke - in Oregon

Oh my gosh on AI that shamaya whatever needs to GO!! Good Golly! Oh and I would so buy a CD by Blake, love his voice


LOL - no complaining for a whole day?? You remember I'm pregnant, right?! LOL - just kidding - I can do it and my husband thanks you :)

As for AI - I'm getting to be a Blake fan too - there's just something about him!


OK - I must say I LOVE Jess' comment above about being pregnant! My blog post today sums up the pregnancy hormones - LOL!!!
That picture of that adorable girl in the adorable clothes makes you want to go buy that stuff right now!!!


Oh WHY did I click the link for those cuuuuuuuute clothes! LOL I love love love them!!! I managed to avoid temptation and didn't click the link on Kim's blog, but oh I just couldn't resist anymore, and you posted a pic too!!! Oh I really need to UN-memorize my CC#-hahahaha:) Have a super duper day!


Adorable LO Jenn. :) And those ebay clothes? I had never seen them take care girlie. Kathleen


How cute is that outfit, HOLY COW, too cute for sure!!! That LO is ADORABLE too!! Those pictures are totally perfect for that kit!! Lovely as always!!


Hi...thanks for all the kind words ladies! I'm so flattered, this blog is full of GORGEOUS scrapping, total eye candy! Mind if I add you to my favorite list?

Amelia (sweet feet boutique)

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