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April 16, 2007


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How about my fave -- Cherries Garcia?! Love the new kits and quick pages!!!


Is it Chunky Monkey? :)

Rockin' new kit btw!!


Hmmm, I'll guess Chunky Monkey?

Kim Christensen

You strike me as a Cherry Garcia gal Jen dear.

Kim :)

I know I know it's already been guessed. But I just realized that after typing it out so I'll post anyways.


I won't enroll in the game, I will just tell you my favorite flavor - the Heath crunch! Love the new kits darling!


Phish Food


Darn, I was going to say Phish food - it's my favorite :). Ok, I'll guess Half Baked???


Darn, I was going to say Phish food - it's my favorite :). Ok, I'll guess Half Baked???


peanut butter cup? who doesn't like pb cup?

Becky (Daisyduster)

oh man! Just to choose of my old fav's, and I can't find it too much anymore is, "To Russia with Buzz"...I really should choose a newer flavor, but oh well!
These new kits are FABULOUS Girlie!


I guess Chocolate Fudge Brownie.


I'm eating B&J's Chocolate Fudge Brownie right now, LOLOL!! Since someone already guessed it, I'll guess my newest favorite, Black & Tan!


Wavy Gravy? It's gone now, but will always be my fave!


I can't believe no one has said Strawberry Cheesecake yet!! The best ever! YUM! Now I'm hungry for ice cream and it's 9am!


I'm going to go for the chocolate peanut butter cup flavor.

jen harr

A Shabby job well done my sweets!! The kits are fabulous!
I guess I can't guess, huh? LOL!
Love the new banner!!


My guess will be Everything But the Kitchen Sink. It has all the goodies in it! The other guess would be Vermonty Python - this is my new favorite!

Michelle Filo

Love the new kit! I was going to say Chunky Monkey but it has been guessed :P
Now, we dont have those in Australia *cries*

Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen

Chubby Hubby? Love the new kit!!

Jenn Nahrstadt

I'm going to guess Karamel Sumatra, since I love caramel, but can't eat it while I"m stampin'! This is my first visit to your blog, but it won't be the last! Cooooool papers, dear. I also love how you spell your name! It just makes sense, doesn't it? 2 n's in Jennifer, so why not in Jenn? :-)


Your new kits are fabulous! I'm guessing the Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavor?


Coffee Heath Bar Crunch® Ice Cream not sure if anyone guessed it but after seeing your coffee doodles I thought, hey maybe this one.


You seem to me as a Willie Nelson's Country Peach Cobbler kind of girl...
And great new kits!!!


What about chocolate chip cookie dough (it's my fav!)?


hey did you know that today is Free Scoop Day at B & J - i'm sure it's going to be crazy!! yeah, i'm going w/coffee heath bar crunch too...w/your love for coffee and all! LOL

love the zenflowers..what a unique name - so fun and funky!!!


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