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April 16, 2007


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susan hatch

Can I stay even tho I do not like ice cream nor buy it. It's just not one of my things. But I know there's one called Cherry Garcia. Is it that one?

Or chocolate chip cookie dough because that's what my kids eat before they actually bake the real cookies.

Susan in Ohio


How about Pistachio Pistachio. I love that one...mmmm : )

Nicole Seitler

You said Funkee... I say Chunky Monkey! ;) My three favs (yes, three!) are Strawberry Cheesecake (oh, the graham cracker crust!), Oatmeal Cookie and Neapolitan Dynamite. Yum!

Judy S

I'm hoping it's Chocolate Fudge Brownie!


It's not chunky monkey? what about chocolate chip cookie dough....yum!


I forgot to ask...

Is this contest b/c today is B&J's annual free cone day? You can get a free cone at participating stores!!


I forgot to ask...

Is this contest b/c today is B&J's annual free cone day? You can get a free cone at participating stores!!


I am going to guess Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz. Not sure what that has to do with funky though LOL! :)


Those kits are amazing girl!!TOTALLY love them!!

Becky (Daisyduster)

Well, since nobody has said it yet, I'm gonna guess my usual standard fav, since my other one is really old and I can't find it anywhere...

New York Superfudge Chunk!!
Gotta love all that chocolate!!! lol

Sandra L-M

I'll go with Mint Chocolate Chunk. Sandra


Just loooove these new kits!!! Awesome work!!!

Angel Wilde

Gotta guess Chunky Monkey!

Susan H

I'm goin' with Chunky Monkey because it's my favorite!!

Lynn Brown

How about Turtle Soup? I love the KIT!


CHUNKY MONKEY - it's the bomb!

Linda SS are making me hungry!!! How about that new Creme Brulee - YUMM.


I will say Cinamone buns as I would love to try that one :)


Chocolate Fudge of my favorites too! Your new kit is so cool!

Pat many flavors to choose from. I will guess Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. I am not sure I could choose one favorite myself...Yummy!



How about Coffee Heath Bar Crunch or Strawberry Cheesecake

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