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April 23, 2007


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Becky (Daisyduster)

Love the colors of this...and the collage really makes your eyes wander around the LO to "find out the story"..very FUNKY!
VANS!! OMGoodness...I actually managed a Vans shoes outlet store for a couple of years...can you guess how many I ended up with??? I think it was like..60!!!


These are all the rage here too.. I want some too!


Shari Barnes

I grew up in Vans too! LOVE them! I got Noah and Logan some for Christmas last year. They couldn't believe their mom was cool enough to wear those at one time. ;-)


some pretty great photography there, chicka :) lovin the actions, too. hope your day was a good one

lisa aka momy4him

what cute shoes!!! i have never been able to get into the vans craze, but they really are cute!
go to bed on time tonight girl!

jen harr

Very cool photos, Jenn!
Yes, remember the vans too! I didn't weare them-- but did wear the Pink (girl colored) Converse hightops & my friends & I would all trade so that we had two different colors on. LOL! Memories!


where r u? u r supposed to post every day. i'm having withdrawals.

Michelle Filo

GREAT pics :)

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