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April 06, 2007


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I enjoyed visiting your blog. :)

Michelle Underwood

I don't have your e-mail addy

It is



My goodness all those glittery bits and pieces... where ever did ya get them!? I adore the shabby soft rose colored coffee cups. SO so So very adorable!!


Ohhhhhhh I loooooooooooooooove those mugs!!!!! I love mugs in general--I buy every one that I see that I think is cute--even semi cute-LOL. It's the only thing I'll allow to be not matching-LOL since I also have to have everything matching-hehe:) Happy Easter!!!!!!!


Those mugs are so pretty!! Where did you find those? Who wouldn't love pink coffee mugs, well besides the boys...;)


Soooo cute Jenn! I think my taste is similiar to the 'shabby daddy.' ;-)

karla nathan

Ooh, pretty, glad I found your site!


Happy Easter!! I haven't picked up our Easter basket candy yet...hope there's some left when we get there :). I'm like you on the shabby taste. But my hubby's more pottery barn-ish (which I also like). So that is what most of the house looks like, and I got to do the guest BR and bath in shabby chic!


oh Miss Jenn... your blog always lifts my heart.. and treats my eyes..... I would love to come and have a shabby pink mug of coffee with you!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE those pink mugs! Can you pls share the name of the wonderful store that your purchased them from PLS!!!

Love your site, LO's & kits!



Oh yes - Miss Jenn! We NEED to know where you got those shabby pink mugs. They are my kinda mug. I have to say my taste is like yours - only I'm cluttery - ugh - not like "shabby daddy's." Happy Easter to you and your family. We just got back from the community Good Friday service - so much to think about! Blessings, Noelle


Oooooo, I like both styles, they both look great, just in different ways... what a decision! And the mugs are to sweet!

Jen Harr cute are those shabby cups & how you composed that cute showcase of both of your likes! Too sweet!


Oooooh I'm such a Target junkie-LOL! I'm RE-commenting to say thank yoooooooooooooouuuuu for telling me the store-LOL! And now since that link just goes to the main page, I have found these like 3 other sets of adoooorable mugs that I now have to get get-LOL!! I just hope they have the cute pink ones too when I get there:) :) Happy Easter!

Lori Gentile

I lurk on your blog. I just love your style. Please, pretty please, email me information on how to subscribe to Cottage Style. I cannot find anything on the web, except back issues on ebay. I LOVE the pages your scrapped and I NEED this mag. :) Those mugs are totally cool!


OMGosh you have pink mugs...I love them!
Okay your blog is offically an addiction for me now. As if I really needed one more on my list to look at, but it's worth it, truly lovely (and pink!).



ok my friend...what gives!? How the heck does a mama of three have enough time for all that you do??! Im barely breathing over here and you're rockin it out like crazy! LOL How the heck are ya my sista? What's new with you? We so need to get on the phones and catch up my darlin. Love your bloggin babycakes. Ciao for now, Jenn


YES! I went crazy over those cups & plates at Tar-jay. Sooo precious. Love your little layout of the pics - too funny! I would say that DH & I would fall in the exact same spots as you guys. :)


Oh, love your shabby cups and all that yummy cottage/retro inspiration!

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