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April 11, 2007


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Becky (Daisyduster)

Oh sound like my best friend! Poor thing, she also HAS to go to the dentist ALL the time!
...where you hinting at the possibility of more little shabby babies in the future???? hmmmm....
Jumpin on the bed at 2am on...Agghh! Strap that lil one to his bed next time..LOL
Glad you had a nice Easter. I'm gonna hve to try out that Orange Chicken...Mmmm, one of our favorites!


i love, love, love, love, LOVE the RAD actions. looks great!!!!!!!!!


WOW!!! That photo looks great - I love it with the brush work over it - amazing! Glad your teeth are now sparkly white - good luck with the cavaties!


Everytime I see you use those actions, it makes me want to pull out my credit card!! LOL...That photo looks SO AWESOME!!!


Closes her mouth nice and tight and mumbles.. I am scared!


Those actions are FUN, but I REALLY love the shabby brush you used. That makes the image!


I lvoe the actions. I need to get new software so I can take advantage of that!



I love the actions. I need to get new software so I can take advantage of that!


lisa aka momy4him

sparkly white teeth is a good thing!!
that action is great! i love the photo too!


Love the shabby brush. Where do you get a shabby brush and how do you use it?

Junk 2 Jewels

Oh man those actions are So pretty. I guess I fall in the SOL category, I only have cs not cs2! Waaaa..Tracy

Brooke - in Oregon

Hey Jenn I just posted a layout using your Little Dudes Kit on my blog. Always feel like I need to let the 'creators' know! :)

Thanks again for that awesome, crazy, cool kit!!

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