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April 09, 2007


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Looks like a great time Jenn! I LOVE all the pics. I am so jealous that you had nice weather though. We were in the upper 30's for the hunt... BRRRR...

Angi Smith

Glad you survived Easter! A question? Where do the Rolodex with ribbon come from that you printed the chicken recipe on? I LOVE THAT!


Ohhh - look at those pictures! OK - one question - what kind of pop/juice is that in the big steel cooler? Looks fun! Glad you had a great easter!


yummy photos and chicky!!! happy belated easter :).


Mmmmmmm--yum yum! That recipe looks awesome!!! Super photos--glad you and your fam had a super fun time!

lisa aka momy4him

looks like the kids had a blast with their baskets and egg hunt! yummy recipe! i love orange chicken!


LOVE the recipe!!! And gorgeous photos :)


OMGosh a little plush stuffed PEEP! How fun is that!? And only you could have a bucket of soda cans and somehow it looks all Eastery. Sounds like you all had a great day. LOVE the recipe card! :)

jen harr

OMG--your kiddos are too precious!!
And, YUM-- printing off the recipe now!!!! Thanks Sweets!


Hello!! How did you find us??? What a fun surprise to wake up to this morning... so amazing to see what you're doing!! And that Chris is still the coffee man! Let's send each other a proper email and find out more, k? Thanks SO much for saying hello. You made me smile! And yes, that little boy is nearly 12. Amazing but true...


Oh My do you have the CUTEST blog!!! Love your flair!

I'm Kina (Shabby in the City's Friend) and I'm putting together a cutsie kind of cookbook with recipes from the potluck! Do you want to be a part? Of course you will be gived full credit for your recipe and pictures, and the name of your blog will be with the recipe! Just let me know if you'd like to participate or



Just wanted to let ya know that I used your marinade for dinner this evening, and it was SO yummy!! Thanks!

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